For corporate INNOVATORS

Tap into endless pool of talents & capabilities in external interest communities

Insights from the first-hand experience:

Meaningful engagement with  interest communities can bring multiple value streams to your business:  

communities are your extended talent pools who can both fuel ideas and solve challenges you have.  Your fan communities become your brand ambassadors . Internal communities of practice  grow collaborative culture and motivation of your employees   

I have spent several years in building and integrating open innovation practices in the LEGO Group, – with great results that can be measured by the strength of product pipeline, $ value of new  business ventures and increased brand-love. 

  • Your  brand is as strong as your relationship with your customers 
  • Your innovation pipeline as strong as your talent pool 
  • Your organisaition is as strong as your value set 



I offer:  advisory, insights and inspirational sessions, as well as project work to –

  • Identify opportunities within Open- Innovation (OI)  for your brand and your company
  • Share best practices & experience from my professional work with OI and crowdsourcing at the LEGO group
  • Inspire your team and decision makers
  • Help to build process & capabilities to integrate OI in your organisation 

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