Build your BRAND and Grow your BUSINESS with confidence

I help startups and innovators to grow their business and build their brand.

About me

I am Daiva S. Naldal – business advisor, trainer and coach.

I help startups and small-size companies to grow their business and build their brand. 

I bring more than 10 years of experience in marketing, innovation and new bizz development at headquarters of the LEGO group, and as a Jury member in international startup competitions at Creative Business Network. I am a mentor and coach for several entrepreneurs across the globe.

My goal is to help as many startups as possible to grow their businesses and reach their full potential

I offer...


in formats that are relevant to you and your business.


I offer training, consulting and coaching through the entire process of your business development - so you can grow with confidence. I am your ‘playing coach’ - with the expertise, experience and attitude to win ‘the game’.


I fuel inspiration and new opportunities to your
organisation & your innovation pipeline – through external communities of innovators and
new practices of collaboration and work principles


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